Pamela Ptak's fashion drawings in exhibitions & exhibit catalogs...

Le Musee des Arts Asiatiques in Nice, France, Pamela Ptak illustrations

The Puck Gallery in NYC, Pamela Ptak illustrations

ABC-TV's “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, Pamela Ptak illustrations and patternmaking

Pamela Ptak's garments have been featured in galleries, television & magazines...

STITCHES magazine cover garment & interior article - Sept/Oct 2012

"Frock & Roll: Fashion That Rocks" Rodale gallery at Baum - February 2012

2011 collections in Baum/Rodale Gallery exhibition, Aug-Sept 2011

WFMZ-TV fashion segment on "69 News at Sunrise" with Eve Tannery - March 4, 2010

SOCO magazine 7 pg feature on Pamela Ptak - Feb/Mar 2010 www.socomagazine.com

VIVMAG.COM  "Ones to Watch: Mila and Pamela of Project Runway"  January 14, 2010

"Line, Texture, Fold: The Art of Pamela Ptak" - Rodale Gallery at Baum - July 2009

"Second Skin" exhibit - New Hope Arts gallery, New Hope, PA - Sept-Oct 2009

2010 collections in Baum/Rodale Gallery exhibition, Aug-Sept 2010

WLVT-TV’s PBS “Tempo” 6-12-06 segment on Pamela Ptak, wlvtinfo@wlvt39.org

The Fall Couture Fashion issue of Bucks magazine 2006, article on Pamela Ptak

LINE, TEXTURE, FOLD: The Art of Pamela Ptak


I think of garments in terms of architecture…clothing as wearable sculpture. Not as a covering for nakedness…but as a statement of high-minded principles and thoughts. That it does in fact provide coverage is a matter of mere practicality.



I’m fascinated with exploring how fabrics may be folded around the human form, enclosing the air space around the body. Not satisfied with simply echoing the torso, my preference is to describe new sculptural forms around it while maintaining a high degree of movement & flexibility. The unusual shapes created may appear to be open & plunging, and yet they are meticulously calculated to provide discreet coverage while appearing quite sensual. The folded garments use principals of physics and gravitational pull to create their form once the human body is inside them.



The lines I inscribe on my silhouettes are styled to lure the viewer to reach out and trace along them. They glide over the form in graceful arcs hinting at the long & sharp shapes which I love…antlers, swords… They combine to create subtle imagery reminiscent of architecture, bridges, cathedral windows…



Rich and tactile surfaces entice the viewer. A degree of movement is always included in the textural surfaces I create…so that a small movement by the wearer can create a ripple effect…and a breath can stir the textiles.  Highly textured, but light as air.